It all started five months ago, when I was having a lunch with my business partner. We were talking about our upcoming holidays, and since I did not have any plans for my wife and mines vacation, he told me about this perfect old historic island of Korčula on the Adriatic Sea. He told me all about how he and his wife had spent their last vacation sailing there and how much they enjoyed it.

I was intrigued, and I decided to surprise my wife with a romantic sail for our vacation.

I booked a yacht at Sailing Europe, and we were ready to go.

Since Korčula is an island, situated in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia, we had to set sail from the mainland. Neither me, nor my wife, had any previous experience with sailing, so we had to have a skipper on board. When we had reached the island of Korčula, we were amazed with the beauty that we had seen, because when you look towards the island, you can see all of the old towers and walls, crystal clear water and centuries old pine forest, in its full glory. The view from the sea was something we will never forget, because we had never seen that many coves and bays in one place before.

The island of Korčula has its own ACI marina, which is situated in the town of Korčula. But before anchoring, our skipper had taken us to see Korčulas most interesting beach called Badija, because that beach is reachable only by some kind of a boat. After that, we sailed around the whole island, and visited towns like Vela Luka, Lumbrada and Smokvica.

Next stop was the town of Kročula, the largest town on the island. While we were entering the marina, our skipper had told us all about how Korčula is a rich cultural and traditional town. And as soon as we stepped on the island, it was clear that the town of Korčula is one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval towns on the Croatian coast.

After spending the whole day site seeing, we returned to the marina, because it was time for our sailing vacation to end. We had set sail jet again, and enjoyed sailing on the strong wind that blows near the island, but this time, on our way back.

Now, few months after our sailing vacation had ended, I am thankful to my business partner who had recommended it to me, and I can safely say that this was a vacation that we will never forget.

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